Jane Watt

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Jane Watt's installations play with light, gravity and optical illusion. Whilst the work relates to the form or function of a space, it attempts to defy the physical convention of the site, and to suspend the viewerıs disbelief. Watt often uses a large number of small elements to build up a greater mass, transforming mundane ethereal materials into works, which fluctuate from being barely visible to resonating presences. Their resonance depends upon where the viewer is standing, the time of day and the way the light or weather conditions interact with the piece. The work involves a passing of time, either in the labour intensity of making the installation within a particular space, or the movement of light or air (natural or artificial) upon it.

Solo exhibitions include 'Flock' at Damasquine Gallery, Bruxelles and 'Bird watching' at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth (2001). In March 2002 Jane Watt produced a temporary installation for the Economists Plaza, London.

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