cathy de monchaux

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One wall is lined with indefinable fragments drenched in red pigment housed in small burnt wood boxes. Strange objects and drawings inhabit corners and walls. In various niches are covert photographs of people caught unawares by the camera.

The windows of the room have been hastily taped up as if to contain the energy of the room or to prevent an imminent danger from seeping in. Only tiny slits allow natural light to filter in.

In the centre of the room is simple upholstered bench. Potentially a place of serenity and calm in a space which could possibly be seen as a tomb or a raft of safety from the world outside.

This is a room where the twentieth century has been and gone; modernity seems to have no place here. It is a site of contemplation, optimism, experiment and waiting, warding off the evil spirit of the future whilst coming to terms with the ghosts of the past.